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On this page we placed a few pictures which characterize our activity. Here are valuable for us historically pictures. Through insufficient place on the page we decided to limit quantity of pictures, however in our albums theire are hundreds.
If you, friend, looking on these pictures remember our common scout camps, know - we did not forget about you! We are happy to see you again in our ranks!


first scout department of Chervonograd town (1993)
our scout department on the festival of Spring (1994)
the first scout camp ASL"Rozvidnyk" with deaf children (2002)
visit of the one of first scouts by leader of our scout department
this scout -vertep has gathered money for winter scout camp for 200 children from three districts of Lviv region
our scout camp center. closing the scout camp (2001)
they join to Scout Movement
members of the summer scout camp (1995)
our first winter ski scout camp (1998)
L.Dyachok conduct discussion
We are climbing!
Our scout camp center in Carpathian Mountains
We construct the memorial cross for killed austrian soldiers (2007)
Scout circle
The firsts...

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