We are very happy to welcome you on our site! We are Ukrainian scouts. Our organization acts in two areas of Ukraine. Here, on our site, you will find some useful information about us, our programs, World Scout Movement, our pictures and documents. To your services small library.


    We are the perspective members  World Federation of independent scouts (WFIS).

About us

Association of scouts "Rozvidnyk" unites people, which want to be and build an environment which stimulates them constantly to develop. We study and obtain reconnaissance skills. We like to travel in the circle of friends.

We study to banter and be life and the soul of the party. We become strong daily, adroit and hardy. We study receptions of self-defence. We meet with top-managers, styles of conduct of business and technologies. We cognize styles and directions of art. We extend the limits of the possibilities constantly. We want to have a lot of friends!:)........more

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